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Professional Indemnity Insurance is tailored for the businesses or sole workers who offer professional services to their clients. It provides the protection to any business against financial loss, human injury, property damage or problem in the final output of the work done. Now as we all know, earthmoving is a quite tough business. It comes with a lot of risks invaded in it. An earthmoving contractor works at high risk and has maximum possibility of loss with multiple damages that can occur while working. Mortgage Broker

There are a lot of threats that bothers an earth moving contractor and restrict them to explore their business to the next level. These hazards can even damage the viability of the business and are really stressful for the contractors. Opting for the insurance policy is the smartest decision to take in this situation. Truck Insurance HQ is an insurance company in Australia that serves with numerous types of insurance policies like Professional Indemnity, workers compensation insuranceliability insurance, etc. for the earthmoving contractors. We also serve to the sole workers who are into the earthmoving business.

Professional Indemnity insurance covers all your mistakes and breaches, claims of damages, and much more. Let’s check out the claims covered by the right level of professional indemnity insurance:

  1. Violation of duties
  2. Damages and claims against you.
  3. Legal and defence cost
  4. Claims investigation cost
  5. Public relation cost
  6. Court attendance cost

Also check out the list of the things that are not covered by this insurance policy:

  1. Intentional damage
  2. Known claims and circumstances
  3. Fraud and dishonesty
  4. Accidental injury
  5. Property damage

With Earth Moving Insurance HQ, you can get your company covered with different types of insurances according to your need. We have a squad of specialist advisors at our company who are always ready to guide you with the best advice about the insurances that are better for your business. They take complete information about your business and then find the correct insurance for you. We make the personalized insurance policies that are tailored according to your business requirements. You can buy the insurance policies for a certain amount according to your requirement.

We understand that loss or damage to any equipment will be disastrous for any earthmoving business, regardless of how it happened. As these machines are the biggest investment of the earthmoving contractor and their loss can also affect the future income of the business. So as specialist advisors, we find the exact requirements of your business and then offer you with the perfect insurance policy that fits in it.

Moreover, they also assist you with your future investments and damages. They identify the risk areas and guide you to minimize the risks and potential claims. Our policies ensure the peace of mind for our clients. It covers all the equipment, workers, and other costs associated with the business.

All our services are available at very affordable rates and adjustable premium management. You can contact us anytime to get the quote for the insurance you need and also get the detailed information about the benefits of taking an insurance policy for your company. We are always there to serve you with the best services in the country.


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